Sunday, October 2, 2011


In the virtual world faces many parables can be transformed into anyone, new ideas can be spoken with a casual, friends crowded with millions of fans, friendship can every second, love words spoken from the lips of the weak. In fact a lot of mismatches between expectations and reality. Parable during rain doused moon night. Unspoken words of love can not simply be attachments and more entangled in the liver. All in a long process, there is good input gradually increased the percentage of beliefs, there are ugly wind down assessment. When the rain comes, will take shelter in one umbrella, when the sun would hit the jump to find another partner. All became confusing when the trust for one another be it lovers, friends, colleagues, chum, brother, and so on. Who are experts in love? Love is Qolb expert.

Lots of things get a decision very quickly done, especially in respect of existing information in a personal relationship with us. Thus, Qolb released simply be a puzzle that long or deliberately ignored. Want to say happy to finally came out sad, was beautifully thought out from the opposite lip, already at the end of the lips will say who said they love the other person first, not talk of love instead of thrown insults and ridicule, slander lips are want to stay in touch always progress to front. This is a pleasure that boring since the release of our bodies as proof of courage Qolb our love to ourselves. Why do we often share to someone else when our hearts will know the answer. Where you will be seeking input spirit while you forget about something ..

A unified piece of meat in our bodies, always carry anywhere. Stating a real signal of our six senses. A milestone in the best spirit and instinct in our muscle movement. Symmetric channel energy to form crystals which are very powerful prayer struck liver disease. Raised brain pride in the white blood that flows to fill the blood red. Incise the drug in an increasingly fragile mental injury by revenge. Lifting a weak instinct against disobedience. Put a rug over his head bowed down to touch the ground so we neglect Him. Like a favor and speak for themselves with the counsel of our soul brother. Reminds lip to keep fit between prayer and the reading means. Said real love. Love God, love Apostle, Parents love, love of family, love and so on.

Is there a perception about our Qolb can be defined with a tongue? Is the heart that always say "amen" to all definitions of life in the corridors of science and religion. If there will be turmoil in a different culture is the soul of the liver as a benchmark why every human being has always wanted to be leading to forget that behind. Why is every human being lie to ourselves for the good of others. It all is a consequence of beautiful Qolb. Qolb will cover the faces of others for the common good. Channelling life circumstances leading to ration every human is born. Making a conscious mindset of the value of goodness.

Qolb a cold which is always in flush with the dhikr of Allah, this love so experts will be a wonderful way to heaven like a warm snow, cold and white. Qolb that heat is a picture of love that ran aground so that experts love actually lost their identity, so comes the red face, fierce and ferocious as Malik. Would your world be a paradise or whether you fuel next to heaven .. Let's walk in silence.

Wallahua'alam bishowwab.
by Chie Zhoen

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